Aw, SNAP! Connecting with customers starts with up-to-date social media profiles. When populating key information on your social media profiles, have you addressed the most popular questions your potential customers are thinking of: Where is your business located? and When is your business open?

How do potential customers find you?

For any brick and mortar business, especially in the hospitality sector, it’s a known fact that success often starts with “location! location! location!”

But once you’re open in that perfect location, how do you get customers through the doors?

Your physical signage is important. Now, think about what kind of signage you have online. That’s your website and your social media pages. Is it catching their eye? Is it giving them all the information they need to make a buying decision?

Chances are your potential customers are searching online on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. for a business like yours. Are you coming up in their searches?

We’ve talked about taking advantage of the Google My Business page. It’s free! Click here if you missed our tips on how to set up this free marketing tool.

Now, let’s talk about the importance of your location information in your social media profiles. Each one of your social media profiles appears in searches. Think of each of them as you would your website. And you can promote much more than just your address when it comes to your location. Are you near any notable landmarks? What neighborhood or business district are you located in?

When it comes to social media, your posts may get a lot of likes but unless they know where you’re located, those followers will not convert to real customers.



Where is this restaurant? Their photos look inviting but we have no idea where they are located by looking at their profile. The posts don’t have location information populated either.

Here’s how “Location Location Location!” relates to your online footprint

There are 5 key pieces of information about your location you must include in your website, your social media profiles and review sites such as Yelp and Trip Advisor that will help your potential customers find you, and more importantly visit you:

  1. Your address: This is the most basic but don’t forget to include the full street address, city, state and country.  Social media users may see your drool-worthy food photos on Instagram but if they don’t know where you are located, they can’t plan their visit.
  2. Neighborhood: knowing what part of town your business is located will help the consumer make the decision to visit when they are planning to be in that area. Are you part of an official Main Street District? Or known neighborhood? Be sure to include it in your listing.
    Se7en Bites Bake Shop in Orlando is located in the popular Milk District of Orlando. Their Facebook profile also indicates public transit information.
  3. Landmarks & Attractions Nearby: consumers often search for businesses near attractions or notable landmarks when planning a visit, therefore mentioning these details in your profile will help you come up in those searches.
  4. Complex, building, or shopping center: mentioning the name of the commercial complex you are a part of will help them find you.
  5. Directions and Maps: Add link to directions using Maps / Google Maps to make it easier for a consumer to visit.
    Bonus: don’t forget to use any popular location specific hashtags in your profile and posts.

What to do next?

Take a few minutes right now to check your website, all social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and all relevant review sites (YELP, Trip Advisor, etc.) to verify your location information is complete.

Is your address, city, state, country and the above 5 key pieces of information included?

Is your location information prominently displayed and easy to find?

While you’re looking at your social media profiles, have you taken the time to update every section? Be sure to keep this information up to date so that when a potential customer lands on your social media page they are inspired to visit you and do not experience frustration trying to find you. Think of your social media profile as your initial greeting and welcome to your potential customers.

Not sure where to start? Fig Digital Media can help you optimize your social media profiles to convey the information your customers are looking for. Book your FREE social media assessment call today!